The world's greatest improvisers will make you laugh AND help you learn!
Second City, Improv Group, Comedy Show

Second City is the world’s premier Comedy Club/Theatre and School of Improvisation that will make you laugh AND help you learn! They will use humor to bring truth and perspective to your business, while using improvisation to improve communication, collaboration and innovation. If you’re ready to try new solutions to old problems, they can help! Communicate, collaborate, innovate and have some fun while you learn internal communications and event support. Respect your audience, ditch dull monologues and create lively dialogues. Use the media you actually use in real life to inform, persuade and motivate your organization. Reward your people with some real entertainment!

Why humor works in business? A little humor can go a long way in creating a transparent, open culture where people are truly engaged in their work. Laughter isn’t typically a corporate priority, but when done right, a little “funny business” can improve your business and your corporate culture.

Why improvisation works in business? Improvisation is the art of creating something out of nothing – so given the importance of creating new ideas, relationships and products, business people could always become better improvisers. As the best improvisers in the world, The Second City develops learning programs that help clients create, innovate and adapt on the fly when even the best-laid plans go awry.