An Irish Tenor, Recording Artist, Physician & Champion Disabled Athlete, this Keynote Speaker's life is one of extraordinary achievement.
Ronan Tynan, Keynote Speaker and Performer

A modern-day Renaissance Man, Ronan Tynan has faced numerous challenges throughout his life, always persevering with his passion and determination intact. An Irish Tenor, Recording Artist, Physician and Champion Disabled Athlete, Ronan’s life is one of extraordinary achievement. Born with a lower limb disability, Ronan had his legs amputated below the knees when he was 20, but was climbing the steps of his college dorm just weeks after, and winning gold medals in the Paralympics as a multitalented athlete within a year. He went on to collect 18 gold medals and 14 world records, of which he still holds nine.

Always encouraged to follow his dreams by his parents, Ronan became the first disabled person to ever be admitted to Limerick’s National College of Physical Education, leading him to become a Physician specializing in orthopedic sports injuries. Only after this did Ronan begin his singing career, which achieved a level of fame and adoration that he never could have imagined. With his unique voice and charm, Ronan joined the Irish Tenors, which became an instant worldwide sensation. He has since gone on to perform at historic events including Ronald Reagan‘s funeral, the World Series, Belmont Stakes and various other momentous events. Ronan has sold out concerts around the world and performed for countless dignitaries including New York’s former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, former President George H.W. Bush and more. He has also been profiled by ABS’s 20/20, People Magazine and CBS Sunday Morning.

Now one of the most sought-after motivational speakers in the US – presenting nearly 50 speeches annually for major international corporations and organizations – Ronan has the ability to move audiences like few others can. His stirring performances and personal story of triumph truly have the ability to hit home with anyone.

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