This "Everyday Hero" can teach you how to thrive with his Seven Essentials for Success.
Darren Miller, Seven Essentials of Success, Motivational Speaker

Inspiring, motivational and passionate, Darren Miller was deemed an “Everyday Hero” by Men’s Health Magazine, right after becoming the first American man to complete the Ocean’s Seven (the seven most difficult ocean channels in the world). By way of a decade in endurance athletics and financial sales, Darren has acquired concepts to present powerful seminars that engage, motivate and inspire. He speaks under his personal motto “Every Breath is a Gift,” while highlighting his Seven Essentials of Success, and motivating his audience to strive for their full potential by learning to push their physical and mental limits. Darren also focuses on an established and time-tested concept of The Third Boat, which allows audiences to visualize and grasp their passions in life, utilizing them to assist others by becoming stronger and more relentless individuals.

Darren has done corporate speaking engagements for clients including Orange Capital Management, Voya Financial, Steadfast Capital Markets, Morgan Stanley, Trustmont Financial Group, US Foods, Chevron, Pennsylvania State University, PNC Financial Services Group, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Construction Executives Association, Morgan Stanley and Turner’s Dairy. Darren also speaks to many school districts, religious and non-profit organizations and more. A portion of all his speaking fees are donated back to his Team Forever nonprofit organization, which aids families in their struggle to afford the costs associated with infant cardiothoracic surgery taking place at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

The Seven Essentials for Success incorporate the Oceans Seven:

Visualize Success (English Channel): Visualize the final product and drive toward the goal.
Motivation by Inspiration (Catalina Channel): Inspiration to pursue the passions that drive us.
Enduring the Pain (Molokai Channel, Hawaii): Survive the pain of life; overcoming physical and mental stress.
Teamwork (Strait of Gibraltar, Spain-Morocco): Importance of a supporting crew to guide you through the journey.
Perseverance (Tsugaru Channel, Japan): If you never quit, you will eventually make it.
Avoid the Noise (Cook Strait, New Zealand): Avoid the negativity of your environment; control what you can.
Respect and Honor (North Channel, Ireland): Respect the challenge and your fellow man; working hard yields results.