"Dream Big" with this competitor, known for "The Challenge" on MTV.
Derrick Kosinski, MTV Personality

Commonly known as Derrick from MTV’s Real World/Road Rules Challenge shows, he has successfully completed 9 competitive reality shows on MTV, participating on 3 winning teams. When not challenging himself in front of millions of viewers, Derrick is available to colleges and clubs for speaking, personal meet & greets and even to watch a weekly episode of The Challenge or The Real World and break it down live, offering up great insight and inside information.

Derrick has lived a fascinating life so far – going from a high school jock to being plucked up by MTV, where his likeable personality and wholehearted drive to succeed landed him on a succession of MTV’s reality shows, meeting amazing people and participating in diverse, life-changing experiences only the reality world can provide. Derrick has jumped from planes, climbed mountains, competed head-to-head in various grueling challenges, filmed a movie, lived in Hollywood, supported his family in tough times and now, has a family of his own. It’s almost the American dream. But to achieve dreams you must overcome the many challenges and who better to speak to and mentor young people than Derrick – he has done it, lived and is still dreaming big. For his speaking engagements, Derrick can discuss the challenges in life as a young person, how to go for it and dream big, while sharing his story and experiences on how he motivates his life to fast-forward speed.