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By David Sedelmeier
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Some people do amazing things in their life. We read about them, see them on TV or the Internet and they just seem bigger than life. But there is something different about meeting them and seeing them live in person…it seems almost unreal that they could have done all that is attributed to them when they are just humans like you and me. But that may be why we get so inspired – when we realize that someone like us can do these incredible things.

This all came to mind after working with the amazing Ronan Tynan on a recent speaking engagement. He holds a lengthy list of accomplishments – he’s an Equestrian champion who had both legs amputated below the knee, a Gold medalist in the Paralympics, a World Record holder, a Physician who received his doctorate at age 33 (specializing in orthopedic sports injuries), who went on to tour the world with Platinum-selling albums as part of The Irish Tenors.

When Ronan takes the stage, he starts by singing then follows with his story, told in his Irish brogue. As incredible as his story is, Ronan doesn’t brag or tell you how “you can be all you can be.” He just tells it as is, and like all memorable speakers, he is a great storyteller with a humble approach that shows how he is just like you and me in so many ways. He discusses his loving parents – particularly his dad – who believed that Ronan could do no wrong, and the one quote that really stuck with me was about them: “Belief and encouragement are the matches that light the candle of achievement.” Ronan truly felt that he could do anything because he was surrounded by people who gave him the belief that he could. So simple and yet so rare.

talent network books a lot of speakers, and I am an avid watcher of TED talks, so we all know that great speakers just have “it.” After watching Ronan and his blend of storytelling and performing, he is on my short list of the ones that have that “it” factor. I have become a huge fan. And I was definitely not alone, as Ronan ended his talk singing Hallelujah to a standing ovation. That is how great speeches end.

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