• Why don’t you list your prices online?

Fees can vary depending on date, time, location and type of event. Our job is to match you with the best entertainment for the best available price.

• Can I get a discount for a private event or a fundraiser?

Our entertainers are professional artists who make their livelihood by performing. They understand the challenges of budgeting for a non-profit event and many will offer a discounted performance fee versus standard pricing.

• Can I pay with a Credit Card?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards. All of our contracts are based on a “cash” price and credit card payments are 3% higher.

• What is a rider?

Some bookings call for an addendum to the contract, or a “rider”. This is a detailed list of the Performer’s needs that may include travel requirements, production details and more.

• Do your acts travel?

Absolutely. We represent and manage acts from all over the country and place them in shows all over the world.

• What happens if an Artist is sick or can’t perform due to an “Act of God”?

We have a large repertoire of entertainers and make every attempt to provide a replacement based on your approval, or your money will be promptly refunded. This demonstrates one of the reasons that it’s advantageous to book through us versus a performer directly, who most likely couldn’t assist you with a replacement.

• What happens if my event is outside and weather is inclement?

Outdoor events are always at risk of inclement weather. It’s important to have a backup plan, such as a covered or indoor location. We can also work out logistics ahead of time regarding cancellation policies, etc.

• Who provides sound, lights and stage?

You, the Buyer, are responsible for stage, lighting and sound. Some bands do carry their own sound and lights, but it’s important to have this clarified. We can help you navigate through this process and even arrange production for you.

• How important is lighting?

Lighting can be very important. For a comedy show, it draws focus to the stage and lets the audience know there is a show going on. For musical entertainment, it enhances the tone of the room or party. See our Show Tips for more.

• How should I set a room?

Room arrangement can be critical to the success of a show and the flow of your event. For a comedian, speaker or stage show, it is highly recommended to get the audience as close to the stage as possible. We will gladly assist you with arranging your floor plan. See our Show Tips for more.

• If my event is public, how do I promote it?

We will provide you with photos and background information of our entertainment to help assist you with promotion. We can also give you tips on how to get the most out of your show via advertising and social media.

• How far in advance should I book entertainment?

We recommend you begin your research as soon as you have a date set. The more time you allow, the more options you’ll have to consider. However, we are able to help with last minute needs as well.

• Do I have to tip the entertainers?

A gratuity is not expected. However, if you find that the entertainers went above and beyond your expectations, you are welcome to tip them.

• What if I can’t find a certain act on your site?

talent network, inc. has a database of thousands of entertainers. If you don’t see an artist you’re interested in on our website, please call us. Chances are we are familiar with the act you are interested in and can access information about them for you.

• Is talent network, inc. available 24/7 to help manage any situation?

Yes! One of the many reasons people use a professional Agency like ours is for customer service. We are available 24/7 to assist you with your needs, questions or concerns.

Still have questions?

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, don’t worry. Call us at 412-264-4727 or email us at mail@talentnetworkinc.com.