Show Tips: How to Seat a Room For a Comedy Show

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By David Sedelmeier
Owner/Operator of talent network, inc.
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As Steve Martin said in his book “Born Standing Up,” comedy is about attention. So when doing a comedy show in a ballroom, fire hall or banquet room, we need to create a scenario that helps the comic gain that vital ingredient. There are many factors to help – stage, lighting, sound – but one is often overlooked: Intimacy. Laughter sparks more laughter – if you have the audience close to the stage and to one another, then the comic feels the crowd. They see his face, feel his inflections and attention is drawn because they want to know more, they want to be part of it, they want to laugh along. This is comedy; this is the energy that the comic feels from his audience. This energy is the magic that a performer feeds off of. By setting the room properly so the comedian has the captive attention of the audience, you have now a transformed a good show into a memorable show.

When you set up your next comedy show, think about how you set the room. Seating is a huge factor in success of comedy. This is why comedy clubs control it and fill the room from front to back in case of light attendance – they always want to maintain that intimate feel. It will change your event.

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