Show Tips: How Can Lighting Improve Your Event?

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By David Sedelmeier
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Sometimes adding a little lighting can really set an event apart from the rest. We recently booked F. Lee Bailey for a speaking engagement, which took place in a vast exhibit hall in the late morning of a conference. That night, one of the best bands in Pittsburgh would be performing for the post-dinner party. Because of the tight schedule for the room, we had the band’s production company provide the sound system for the morning speech. I attended the same event last year and had noticed how harsh and unwelcoming the lights were at the speech – big florescent lights that flatter no one. So we asked the band’s production company to set their lighting up early – to give some soft lights for the room and theatrically light the speakers. It was a small financial cost and yet made a huge impact on the delivery of the speaker’s message.

Like most successful events, this one thrived due to multiple factors. Mr. Bailey was a fantastic speaker – funny and engaging with great stories, and he delivered a 65 minute speech without a single note. Other key contributors were the atmosphere and stage lighting, pushing this from a good show to a memorable event.

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