Donnie Iris

A Pittsburgh Rock 'n Roll Legend, known for his work with The Jaggerz, Wild Cherry and his band, The Cruisers.
Donnie Iris, Pittsburgh musician

Donnie Iris is an American rock musician known for his work with The Jaggerz and Wild Cherry during the 1970s, and for his solo albums during the 1980s. He was responsible for writing the #2 Billboard hit The Rapper with The Jaggerz, and was a member of Wild Cherry after they experienced a #1 hit with Play That Funky Music. After going on to release five solo albums in the 1980’s, accompanied with many charting singles, Donnie continues to release new material, and he maintains a loyal fan base, especially in Pittsburgh.

In 2015, Donnie was awarded a Pittsburgh Rock ‘n Roll Legend Award for his significant contribution to the city’s rock scene.