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Hannah Lapiska (Digital Content Coordinator/talent network inc.), sits down with company owner, David Sedelmeier, to talk about the entertainment business.

In this podcast episode, Sedelmeier talks about his adventures through North Carolina and Utah, how although, your first thought of a monk residing in the Carolinas makes your head tilt, the meditation is all the more rewarding. Sedelmeier also gives insight on comedians and what the “no-no’s” are in today’s political world. 

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Five for Fighting, talent network inc.
Sedelmeier with John Ondrasik from Five for Fighting and
The Montage at Deer Valley Hotel, talent network inc.
The Montage at Deer Valley view from Sedelmeier’s hike
talent network inc., events, booking, entertainment conference, Utah
Birds-eye-view of the Conference Dinner


David Sedelmeier, talent network inc., Burmese monk, travel, entertainment
Sedelmeier with Burmese Monk in North Carolina
John Ondrasik, Five for Fighting
John Ondrasik, on-stage performance


John Ondrasik, Five for Fighting, talent network inc., live entertainment, stage set-up
John Ondrasik, on-stage rehearsal and lighting set-up 


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