Show Tips: Should I Book a DJ or a Band? (Part 2 of 2)

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By David Sedelmeier
Owner/Operator of talent network, inc.
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We are constantly asked which is better for an event: a DJ or a Band. In Part 2 (of 2) of this Show Tips Q&A with talent network owner David Sedelmeier, we try to shed some light on the dilemma – offering some advice on what musical options may fit your event and tastes best. Please send us any follow-up questions/ideas you may have…

When would you say a live band is the preferred choice?

It depends upon what your tastes are in music and if you see a band that you really enjoy. There are some great bands out there. In our market in Pittsburgh, there is a whole list of great bands.

Should you lean towards a DJ if you’re looking for a broader spectrum of music?

To a degree. But there are a variety bands that try to play a broader spectrum of music because they play events in which they’re going to have to do a dinner set and then do jazz and background music and then elevate it and do something else as the evening progresses and look for more oldies and contemporary.

So, if someone comes to you and says, “I don’t know if I want a DJ or if I want a band,” what is your advice?

I think it depends upon how particular you are about that music. If you’re willing to let the band do what they do, which is entertain, play the music that they know how to play and get the crowd up and dancing, then a band is a great way to go. If you’re really particular about what you want played and you want to fine-tune that and you want certain styles and certain things conveyed, a DJ gives you a lot more, affords you a lot more options.

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