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By David Sedelmeier
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I saw Sheryl Crow two years ago when she was touring with Rascal Flatts, and in my opinion, she stole the show. She performed as a scaled-down ensemble of four guitars and a drummer, which gave a raw, live feel to her music and really captured the audience. There was an “it” factor about Sheryl’s performance that really grabbed me, so when we had the opportunity to book her for a client’s corporate event in Orlando soon after, I seized it…

For the event, we requested the same scaled-down, guitar-driven group configuration. Working private corporate settings versus public, fan-filled concerts are very different experiences that offer different expectations, but when I saw her perform live in front of thousands at that Rascal Flatts concert, she had such an ease, comfort and intimacy about herself and the music, that it just eliminated any walls or barriers that may have existed between her and the audience. And that’s what true talent is – the ability to unify an audience of strangers who all just want to experience the music and hear more.

When you deal with artists at this level, many have large and difficult entourages of helpers, assistants, road managers etc. As expected, Sheryl is very protected and insulated by them, but I have to say that all of her people were a delight to work with. And Sheryl herself was as great in person as on stage. It’s always reassuring and elevating when the Artist lives up to and beyond your expectations – as both a show producer and as a fan. Check out a few photos from the show below:

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