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By David Sedelmeier
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Sometimes the message isn’t in the eloquence of the delivery – it’s in the embodiment of the speaker. This is what I found in Bert Jacobs, co-owner (with his brother) of apparel company Life is Good.

We booked Bert as keynote speaker for an opening ceremony for one of our clients. His speech is about his origins – from family life to his business beginnings – and how they accidentally stumbled upon their slogan when a female party guest slurred out a phrase that they decided to put on a version of their shirts: “Life is Good.” The shirts sold to every kind of person – young, old, male, female – and that’s when they knew they were on to something. Bert explained how this simple saying became more than just a shirt to their audience – it became a mantra to live by. Soon they were being inundated with letters and emails from customers about how Life is Good changed their lives or how it shifted their views and renewed their hopes. The positive statement signified something to everyone it touched, and soon the company started to make it part of their mission statement. Bert, with his deep Boston accent, won over the audience by incarnating the message of a “positive life” and how to be the help in others’ lives.

I love speakers and am drawn to their eloquence and ability to shape a picture or a thought. But that isn’t necessarily what Bert is about…he delivers his message with simple stories of everyday people, and he does it by being a living example of what he preaches. And it works.

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David Sedelmeier & Bert Jacobs.

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