New To Our Network: National Geographic Photographer & Speaker Joel Sartore!

Joel Sartore, National Geographic Photographer

talent network has added a great new speaker to our roster! Joel Sartore, a National Geographic photographer, author, conservationist and speaker is now available for engagements in which he’ll share his worldwide adventures in an engaging, entertaining, inspiring and memorable presentation.

Joel is the founder of The Photo Ark, a multi-year documentary project to save species and habitat and document a world worth saving. Joel has written several books, produced over 30 stories from around the world for National Geographic, and has contributed to TIME, Life, Newsweek and Sports Illustrated. He is an amazing photographer (check out all of the National Geographic covers!), and his stories will take you behind-the-scenes of his worldwide travels, bringing you up-close-and-personal through photos, videos and more.

Below is just a glimpse into his amazing photography. Click the photos to find more. All photos courtesy of

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