Mystery’s Most Wanted

Solve the interactive whodunit mystery as the crime unfolds right before your eyes.
Murder Mystery Dinner Theater, Mystery's Most Wanted

The professional cast of four to five actors weaves a web of intrigue and suspense as they perform an interactive whodunit murder mystery for your guests. The story begins during cocktails or at the start of dinner and unfolds through courses in two to three scenes. Guests are immersed in the show and have the opportunity to ask questions about the murder throughout the event, then, at the conclusion of the affair, choose who they think committed the crime.

The performance area should be located in the center of the room with dinner guests seated completely around the actors. A sound system is not required for audiences up to 150 people.

Two Popular Shows:

Mobsters, Molls, and Marinara: Come join the party at this gin joint set in the roaring twenties where every night was New Years Eve. But “speak easy” because the bathtub gin ain’t the only thing that’ll kill ya. Solve the murder of a local Chicago crime boss. Who knows, you may even be the mug who saves the day…

Dial “M’ for Mother: You’re invited to the Fates Motel for Mother Fates’ 100th birthday celebration. Be sure to bathe her in the spotlight and shower her with attention, but take care to soak up the ambiance of the historic rooming house and the soap opera about to take place inside. We promise that you’ll never feel clean again.