Performing Reggae, R&B and a Mix of Top 40 and Contemporary Hits.
Zapology, Reggae, Island Music

Affectionately known as Zapology because of his fascination with technology, Reggae artist, writer and producer Delroy “Zap” Clarke has been breaking down barriers for a number of years as a lead vocalist/keyboardist for the S.W.A.M.M.P. BAND. By incorporating the ever-popular styles of Roots, Dancehall, Hip-Hop and the soulful sounds of R&B, Zap showcases a wide range of musical styles in the many facets of Reggae music. Zap’s musical performances are uplifting, inspiring and versatile in style. His keyboard performance is complimented by his silky vocals, creating a sound that is truly of it’s own flavor.

Click to listen to Zapology’s One Love.

Click to listen to Zapology’s You and Me.