Iron City Aerial Workshop

Want to learn to fly? Learn with Iron City Aerial.
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Want to learn to fly? The Iron City Aerial Workshop, featuring Aerial performers Kelsey Keller, Jenly Deiter and Shelby Moschell, are on the road bringing aerial arts workshops to campuses across the tri-state area! The Iron City Aerial performers offer breathtaking routines on aerial silks, hoop, hammock or trapeze led by founding director Kelsey Keller. Kelsey, a Ph.D. in Biophysics from Ohio State University, has over 20 years experience in dance and acrobatics and has trained with well-known instructors from across the country with Cirque du Soleil, Infinity Aerial and Esh Circus Arts. She and the Iron City Aerial team can arrive on campus with all the needed aerial equipment and hang the aerial silks by making use of rig points (from exposed structural support beams in your gym or auditorium), OR they can bring their portable free-standing aerial rig that adjusts up to 24-ft and accommodates two aerialists at a time.

The Workshop: The interactive workshops include demonstrations, instructions and application of the aerial moves by attendees. Up to four 90-minute workshops can be provided in one day, accommodating anywhere from 10 to 25 students per workshop (depending on the available aerial rigging points in your event space). Add a show: Iron City Aerial can also pair the workshops with an aerial show the night before, to get students excited for the classes the following day.