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Gameshow Junkies combines challenges from top game shows to test contestants both physically and mentally.
Gameshow Junkies

Game Show Junkies is a fast-paced competition that is highly entertaining, extremely interactive and addictive to play. The game, created and hosted by Joe Cheeta, combines the popular elements of top game shows like Name That Tune, Minute to Win It, Let’s Make a Deal and Trivia Time. It is packed with fun challenges that test contestants’ knowledge of music, general trivia, physical dexterity and luck at beating the odds – all while they laugh, sing, dance and work and as a team. To begin, each team chooses a name that will appear on the scoreboard used throughout the game. Up to ten teams of ten players each then compete in six rounds, played over 2 hours (though large crowds of up to 200 people can play). Teammates are never singled out; there are always two or more teammates from each team competing in the physical challenges at one time. This game show is designed to keep everyone’s attention until the very end and gives each team a chance to win until the final song is played in the Show Down Round. Will you become the Ultimate Team Champions?

Game Show Junkies is completely self-contained, including all tables, a full disc jockey sound and music system with lighting and a flat screen monitor/scoreboard. All you need to provide are the prizes.