Triple Crown Horse Racing

Our live race announcer adds play-by-play to our big screen horse race experience.

Our Night at the Races event creates all the thrills of a night at the races led by our animated race caller who encourages guests to place wagers with our personable betting tellers. Our expert race caller officiates live over each race, stirring up all the excitement of a real track. When guests arrive at the event, they are given an official racing program listing the ten races they can bet on. Each guest makes one wager per race and all winnings are paid out in play money or raffle tickets. All of our racing films are secretly selected, so no one knows the winning horses in advance.

Our Triple Crown event comes completely self-contained, including the rear projection system with video screen, betting slips, play money, raffle tickets, live race caller and betting tellers. All you need to provide are the prizes. The Race Horse names can be personalized and/or customized for your event if desired.

For even more excitement, consider adding the flashing lights and unmistakable gaming sounds of our genuine Slot Machines to your Triple Crown Horse Racing event.