Storyteller Sean Miller

Storyteller who can tell all different types of "tales."
Pittsburgh Storyteller, Sean Miller, Creative Art

Sean learned to tell tales at a very early age from his Grandfather and to this day considers himself a Traditional Western European Male Folkteller. While he specializes in specific areas of Folk Telling, he does not feel the need to limit himself to these areas and has often told tales that come from other bodies of lore. He is a member of StorySwap, Pittsburgh’s Guild of Professional Storytellers and has been a part of their Telebration Showcase several times, as well as being a regional teller at the Three Rivers Storytelling Festival.

Sean is able to present shows in either verse or prose or a combination of the two, and can easily switch back and forth from a rhythmic lyric piece to one that is a tale told. Among his favorite types of tales to tell are Pennsylvania Folk History, tales that are too true to believe, lyrical tales to tug at your heart strings and Shel Silverstein’s more adult body of work.