Project DJ Slam

High-energy musicians sure to get your audience on their feet!
Project DJ Slam

Picture three performers housed in state of the art percussion cages – arms flying, drums pounding, music pulsating and an audience on their feet all night long. It’s high-energy music, audience interaction and visual excitement that doesn’t stop. This is what your audiences have been looking for – the versatility and massive repertoire that only a DJ can provide, with visual stimulation that matches the energy of the music pounding from the sound system. Not just a DJ, not a band…this is the future of musical entertainment. This is Project DJ Slam.

Added elements could include:
• Violinist – DJ Slam and an electric violinist playing all of the famous classic rock string lines likes Led Zeppelin’s Kasmir.
• Guitar player – He’ll rock out with Project DJ Slam to hits such as AC/DC’s Back in Black and Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a Prayer.
• Beat Boxers/rapper
• Singers
• Dancers

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