David Michael

A hilarious comedian that appeals to audiences both young and old with comedy that is clean AND funny.

Stand-up Comic David Michael’s philosophy of comedy is simple: keep the jokes clean and funny, enabling him to appeal to audiences young and old. He has performed on radio, television, in premier clubs, colleges and corporate events across the country, has worked with Jay Leno, Drew Carey, Dennis Miller and Howie Mandel, and has been a regular at Funny Bone Comedy Clubs and Improv Comedy Clubs, America’s most prestigious chains. David also offers customized corporate performances…

Customized Corporate SNL Skits:
David also specializes in custom written programs for corporate performances, and can end his routine with a customized Saturday Night Live (SNL) style newscast skit about your company and industry. Imagine your associates being the focus of humorous headlines, or the lead newsstory targeting the industry’s future projects! David will contact you in advance to the date for specific information, company logo, photographs, etc., all of which he incorporates into the skit.

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