Charlie Batch

Former Pittsburgh Steeler Charlie Batch is now a Media Personality, Community Advocate and Professional Speaker who can teach you how to "Expect Your Best".
Charlie Batch, Pittsburgh Steelers, Motivational Speaker

Charlie Batch is more than a professional athlete. An accomplished leader both on and off the field, Charlie is now a popular media personality, community advocate, tech entrepreneur and professional speaker. As a back-up quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers for 15 seasons, Charlie knows what it takes to perform at the highest level and has transformed his lessons in football into lessons in business and life. From humble beginnings in Homestead, PA to winning two Super Bowls to becoming a philanthropist and businessman, Charlie’s own brand of leadership is the foundation for winning in life. He is the founder of the Best of the Batch Foundation, currently serves as Vice President of the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) Executive Committee and is celebrated media personality and respected strategist in the NFL who provides game-day commentary for Steelers broadcast and several national media outlets.

Charlie now does motivational speaking engagements for audiences around the world. His From Sweat Suit to Business Suit presentation is all about planning for the future and begs the question “What’s Your End Game?”. During this 45-minute keynote, Charlie shares the best practices to build your personal brand, how best to network in your professional and personal communities and how to create a pathway right to success – all while staying true to yourself. This is an ideal presentation for business leaders, entrepreneurs, students and anyone with a big dream. His Expect Your Best presentation is an emotional, funny and poignant presentation in which Charlie shares his personal successes and failures both on and off the field, while providing three key strategies to help achieve your “best” and realize success. His speech includes a memorable interactive session with his Be Ready, Be Resilient, and Be the Pro strategies. It is ideal for any organization or audience working to overcome obstacles, inspire passion and find their full potential. Charlie’s presentations can be customized and include a Q&A session.