Blended Reality Band

This talented and cohesive sibling trio are the winners of the 2016 Pittsburgh's Battle of the Bands.
Blended Reality Band, Sibling Trio

Blended Reality is a talented and cohesive sibling trio and winners of the 2016 Pittsburgh’s Battle of the Bands. Siblings Mack, Riley and Ty are all self-taught, multi-instrumental musicians and singers who share lead vocals. Each is adept at playing acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, pianos and drums. The trio delivers dynamic, high-energy performances that feature a mix of the pop culture of today with the classic hits of yesterday. Blended Reality’s shows contain music for everyone with both covers and original songs spanning a mix of pop, country, rock and beyond. The band has headlined shows at The Rex Theater in Pittsburgh and The Agora Theater in Cleveland and performed at a number of spring/summer festivals, fairs and events throughout the tristate area.

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