A legend in his hometown of Pittsburgh, Billy Elmer is a hilarious comic and veteran comedy club act.
Billy Elmer, Pittsburgh Comedian

Hilarious comic and veteran comedy club act, Billy’s career is littered with appearances on HBO, Showtime, Comedy Central, ABC, NBC, FOX, MTV, A&E and much more, along with the honor of an exclusive spot on The Tonight Show during the final few weeks of Johnny Carson‘s reign. Also an actor in local and national productions, Billy has appeared in major motion pictures including The Wedding Singer, Inspector Gadget, Fear of a Black Hat, Rock & Roll Mom and Day of the Dead. A legend in his hometown of Pittsburgh, he has worked as the “comedian in residence” at WDVE Radio, been a focus in advertisements for Coors Beer, and has pitched everything from car dealerships to computer services.

His quick wit and ability to incorporate aspects of the audience’s profession into his act are masterful and hysterical!

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