Big Screen Wii & DJ Service

Play a variety of Wii games on a huge 10-ft. screen while a DJ provides some great music!
Wii, Game Rental, Big Screen Games

With simultaneous game play and dancing, the Big Screen Wii and DJ Service is a great way to entertain everyone at your party! The event features the Wii gaming system graphics shown on huge screens (10-ft. and 12-ft.), utilizing a top quality rear-projection system. Choose from a wide variety of games like Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort (with Motion Plus controllers), Midnight Bowling, Game Party 2, Guitar Hero III, Rock Band, Big Brain Academy, Mario Kart, Game Show King Trivia, Smarty Pants Trivia Challenge, Just Dance 2 and more. Along with the fun, interactive Wii games, the DJ will provide a full sound and lighting system for dancing, along with an extensive library of music featuring seven decades of tunes and a wide variety of styles.