Innovation Expert, Magician and Keynote Speaker who opens meetings and opens minds.
Paul Gertner, Corporate Magician

Paul Gertner is an innovation expert, magician and keynote speaker who opens meetings and opens minds. With over 35 years in the field and over 500 clients served in more than 35 countries, Paul is one of the leading magical inventors in the world, with the unique ability to seamlessly weave his innovative magic into his presentations. His interactive program can be customized by incorporating your desired corporate message(s) on any subject from Teambuilding to Sales Development to Going Green as a company. His cutting-edge presentations include CIA Top Secrets (Change-Innovation-Attitude) and Braindrops: Mindreading, Magic and iPads (more below)…

CIA TOP SECRETS: Change-Innovation-Attitude is a 60-minute interactive engagement reinforcing Paul’s three important points, along with your key messages/meeting theme in an entertaining and magical manner.

BRAINDROPS: Mind Reading, Magic and iPads is a one-man show written and performed by Paul in which he blends magic with technology, like cell phones and iPads, demonstrating the relationship while challenging the audience to consider how our lives and our brains are being changed with this new digital world around us. Bring your cell phones and be ready to turn them on! In BRAINDROPS, everyone in the audience gets involved.