Nature’s Word Name Art

Interactive Entertainment

Working from an alphabet created exclusively by Nature's Word, a talented artist will take your word of choice and turn it into a unique piece of artwork!
Nature's Name Word Art, Creative Entertainment

This fun art form is derived from the ancient Orient, where having one’s name painted in animal and nature figures was believed to bring good luck. The talented artist, working from an alphabet created exclusively by Nature’s Word, takes your first name or word of choice and turns it into a unique piece of artwork, created from a rainbow of colors and whimsical designs featuring flowers, fish, animals, seaside images, exotic birds, dolphins, etc. The drawing is done on quality paper that is 8-inches wide x 27-inches long and is mounted on a 13-inch x 32-inch size matting, so it is completed and ready to display once you take it with you! One artist can produce 10 to 12 names in 60 minutes.