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Known as the "Sherlock Holmes of handwriting," Michelle will take you inside the mysterious world of crossed t’s and dotted i’s.
Handwriting Expert, Michelle Dresbold

Author of Sex, Lies and Handwriting, television personality and expert witness Michelle Dresbold will demonstrate how to read people – their behavior, thoughts, motivations, and secrets – through handwriting. Michelle Dresbold, was has been deemed the “Sherlock Holmes of handwriting,” draws on her extensive experience helping law enforcement agencies around the country on cases involving kidnapping, arson, forgery, murder, embezzlement and stalking. A graduate of the United States Secret Service’s Advanced Document Examination training program, Michelle is considered one of the top experts in the nation on handwriting identification. And in her highly entertaining and interactive presentations, she will take you inside the mysterious world of crossed t’s and dotted i’s.

Michelle offers a variety of talks including Handwriting Detective 101 and Change your handwriting, Change your life. She also offers a general, fun program where she explains the basics of handwriting profiling and brings some members of the audience up to explain what she finds in their handwriting. Michelle can also gear the talk to the individual organization or group.

Read Michelle Dresbold’s Analysis of the 2016 Presidential Candidates’ Handwriting: