Intelligent, engaging and insightful, Judi Vitale brings the topic of astrology down to earth where everyone can use it.
Vitale, Judi-New

Judi Vitale is an astrologer and speaker with an endearing, down-to-earth style that is as engaging and fun as it is informative and enlightening. As an astrologer for nearly 30 years, she studies how people’s birth dates affect their behavior and has mastered the tools that instantly provide the kind of insight which might take a psychologist or career counselor months or years to develop. She can speak on: Improving Your Relationships, Working Better Together, Wedding Astrology, Your Personal Best, Stellar Foods and more. Her presentation makes audiences feel like one big happy family by demonstrating how astrology touches everyone’s lives.

A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Judi also holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration from the University of Pittsburgh. Before becoming a widely published author, counselor, magazine writer and web contributor, she worked as a communications specialist in Information Technology for major New York banks and has written countless articles and contributed horoscopes for top-shelf fashion firms and specialty publishers (from Mademoiselle and Redbook to Bride’s Magazine and Seventeen.com). Currently, Judi is the astrologer for Marie Claire. She has appeared on ABC’s World News Now to (successfully) predict the outcome of the Super Bowl, on KDKA’s Pittsburgh Today Live and on CBS’ Early Show to discuss the impact the planets might have on a couple’s wedding date.

Check out Judi Vitale’s website: ReadTheStars.com.

Judi Vitale has two books available: Lovecasts – The Astrological Guide to Finding Lasting Love and Babystrology – The Astrological Guide to Your Little Star.