Legendary defense attorney known for his cross-examination style and winning "hopeless" cases.
F. Lee Bailey, Speaker, Defense Lawyer

This legendary defense attorney is one of the most renowned figures in the practice of law. Few criminal defense lawyers have earned as much success or notoriety as the tough-talking former Marine lieutenant, known for winning what have often been considered hopeless cases (including the O.J. Simpson and Sam Sheppard trials). His cross-examination style, long on hard-hitting machismo, earned him comparisons to some of the twentieth century’s most noted lawyers.

He has penned several books including The Defense Never Rests, For The Defense, To Be A Trial Lawyer and 11 Volumes for law practitioners in the Criminal Law Library including his newest Excellence in Cross Examination. He has hosted TV shows including Lie Detector, Good Company and The Enemy Within, was a Panelist on Whodunnit?, and has appeared as a legal commentator on shows such as Larry King Live, Today and Good Morning America.

One of the most engaging speakers there is today, he has made nearly 3,000 lectures on various topics in law, investigation and aviation to colleges, universities, conventions, professional groups and community organizations.