This talented and cohesive sibling trio are the winners of the 2016 Pittsburgh's Battle of the Bands.
Blended Reality Band, Sibling Trio

Blended Reality is a talented and cohesive sibling trio and the winners of the 2016 Pittsburgh’s Battle of the Bands. Mack, Riley and Ty are all self-taught, multi-instrumental musicians (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, piano and drums) and singers who share lead vocals. The trio delivers dynamic, high-energy performances, bringing a diverse yet relevant vibe to the world of music. Mixing crisp family vocals from the pop culture of today with some of the greatest hits of yesterday, Blended Reality‚Äôs shows contain music for everyone with both covers and original songs spanning a mix of Pop, Country, Rock and beyond. Find them performing at clubs, festivals, fairs and events throughout the tristate area.

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