Digital Caricatures

Take the art of caricatures to the next level! A professional artist will draw guests’ likenesses in full color on a laptop or iPad, and a monitor will allow the crowds to view the artist at work as he draws and paints on screen. Guests can receive a 4-inch x 6-inch full-color print or the artist can upload the digital caricatures for guest to download or have emailed to them.

ESCAPE ROOM: Secrets at the Museum

Bring the entertainment phenomenon sweeping the country to YOU. In an Escape Room, guests try to solve a series of puzzles to complete a task. Players will enter a space and attempt to decipher clues in a set amount of time. Here’s the challenge…you and your fellow teammates are at a Museum of Natural History. You are attempting to obtain multiple priceless artifacts that were given to the museum by an eccentric benefactor. Each item is booby-trapped in a strange and unusual way. How many of the artifacts can you get free in the allotted time?

Secrets of the Museum can be configured in different ways to give your students, employees or guests a challenge! Mini Challenge: Allow for more participants to play by dividing Secrets of the Museum into rooms with five players each for 15 challenges. We can create up to six mini rooms with pipe and drape that accommodate up to five participants per room per 15-minute challenge OR guests can play the games using actual rooms at your location.


We Provide Pipe and Drape Rooms…we can create six pipe and drape rooms in your ballroom or gymnasium – up to five participants per room play at a time. After watching a short briefing video, they enter each room with 15 minutes to complete a challenge. When time has expired, they exit to allow a new group to enter for their 15-minute experience. 80 to 100 players can be accommodated per hour. Do you have a smaller group? Another option is to have each of the six rooms set with different challenges with each team of five players moving from room to room in sequence to ultimately solve the mystery!

If YOU Provide the Rooms…you provide (at least) two escape rooms in which five participants can play at one time per provided room. After watching a short briefing video, they will enter each room with 15 minutes to complete a challenge. Once time has expired, they exit to allow new groups to enter for their own 15-minute experience. OR each of the rooms can be played in sequence with groups moving from one to the next to ultimately solve the mystery. 30 to 35 players can be accommodated per hour.

Eric Russell

Eric Russell is an award-winning magician who has been entertaining with his unique style of comedy magic for over 15 years. He has the ability to captivate smalls groups with close-up magic using cards, coins and everyday objects AND can perform his magical illusions onstage for hundreds. Eric has entertained at corporate gatherings, charity galas, private parties, shows for children, high schools and universities. He has even done magic on the streets of Baghdad when he was deployed with the U.S. Army!

Eric’s laugh-out-loud magic will keep you and your guests entertained and energized. With fun audience participation, a friendly demeanor, and amazing sleight-of-hand skills, he will make your event memorable for everyone.

Live Online!

John Chamberlin – event host, blogger and podcaster (YaJagoff Media) – is LIVE online at your event, interviewing the hosts, talking with guests and sharing information about your charitable organization and the gala. Sometimes joined by his podcast co-host, Rachael Rennebeck, your followers at home will enjoy the easygoing, impromptu conversations while viewing live footage of the party, the guests, the red carpet or live auction in real time on Facebook Live, or through coverage of your event that will be available for viewing in days to follow.

Brand Your Content:

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Chris Rodell

Chris Rodell is a writer and contemporary author based in Pennsylvania. His offbeat travel features and essays have appeared in some of the most prestigious magazines in the country including Esquire, People, Maxim, Men’s Health, Details and more. He is the timeline curator for and is a frequent blogger on his own

Chris is the author of two books. His debut “The Last Baby Boomer” has been described as “Kurt Vonnegut meets Christopher Moore”, and “Use All The Crayons” offers over 500 tips on entertaining and more. Chris also taught creative nonfiction at Pittsburgh’s Point Park University.